Getting Ready for NaNoWriMo

I’ve attempted it over the years, and failed. Mainly because I’m a perfectionist and when November first turns out to be a bad writing day then so does November second to the thirtieth. Most writers advise against skipping days, even I believe a true writer should write every single day, but sometimes that’s easier said than done.

However, I’m aiming to have a better NaNoWrioMo experience this year. I want to accomplish that 50,00 words without stopping to critique myself or doubting my story. I have to finish somewhere, so I’ll to finish here.

I’ve already completed one manuscript that is still sitting idle in my desk drawer, but I’m not worried about that one right now. I’m retiring it until further notice. I’m already 30,000 words into my next novel and my highest hopes are to use NaNoWriMo to write the last 50,000. And as you can see from the little widget on the right side of my page, I’m setting a goal of a little less than two years to finally call myself a published author. Shouldn’t be that hard, right?

So here’s to sleepless nights, laptop chargers and jump drives, and an unlimited supply of coffee.


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